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IMG_6242Matt Wagoner laid the foundation for his construction career back in high school and college in the little town of Willmar about 100 miles west of the Twin Cities. It’s enabled him to do what he loves and to build a successful business here for more than a decade.

“What drew me to remodeling was the free access to the woodworking classes in high school,” the 34-year-old St. Louis Park dad recalled. “I’d get my homework done and ask my social studies teacher if I could go work on some projects. I don’t know why but they made some exceptions for me.”

In high school, most students were limited to 3 or 4 shop classes. But teachers saw Matt’s craftsman potential and let him take 10 or 11.

From high school, Matt went straight to Ridgewater College where he majored in carpentry and woodworking. It’s there he developed a true appreciate for the signature details that now make his whole house remodeling projects so special.

Initially, Matt honed and expanded his design and construction talents working for another contractor. “I learned how to use tools in carpentry and woodworking classes, but a lot of what I know about remodeling is self taught. I worked with another contractor before I started Limitless Construction who allowed you to pick it up as you went. That suited me just fine.”

St. Louis Park Home Showcases Talent

Matt also got to flex his creative and construction muscles on his own St. Louis Park home, which he plans to put on the market this spring. Forget about tales of the cobbler with holes in his shoes. Matt spared nothing on this labor of love. If you’ve ever dreamed about owning a home that showcases a true craftsman’s best work, make an appointment to check out Matt’s place.

The St. Louis Park home features a sunken home theater with a giant screen, stadium seating and a bar. Matt’s come a long way since he built his first bar as a high school senior. Although he officially had to refer to the school project as a reception desk to gain faculty approval.

The best things about being a General Contractor is that I can decide which parts of the job I want to take on myself,” Matt said. From what I’ve seen that includes intricate tile work, one of a kind trim carpentry and squeezing the most utility and aesthetic appeal out of every square foot of marginal space. Oh, and he’s really good at kitchens and baths.

“To become a better General Contractor, it’s good is to do some of the things yourself. I like to focus on the details,” said Matt. “Anybody can do the general scope of a project. What defines a finish carpenter and the finished product are the little things. Everything from knob placement to hand-shaped marble baseboard returns.”

Matt works with a preferred architect and cabinetmaker Joe Bernau. They do a lot of projects in the West Metro and South Minneapolis. St. Louis Park is another Limitless mainstay because of its housing stock.

“We’ve remodeled a number of St. Louis Park homes because we know how to do a lot with little kitchens and bathrooms. We also know what to expect because many of the homes are Sears Roebuck houses. There’s only so much you can do with four designs, but we push the limit,” Matt said.

Although he calls his young son, Lucas, his primary off-hours activity, Matt hasn’t wandered from his Willmar roots. “If I do have time off, you’ll probably find me in the wood shop.”


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